FINN Boutique San Francisco



French  painter

Gaelle Boissonard's ceramics, paintings and unusual artwork combining fabric, paint and clay delight the eye with a sense of fun and whimsy.
Gaƫlle's greeting cards, with their romantic figures and love of nature and life, allow us to enjoy and send her vision to family and friends around the world.

French Designer

Once every blue moon there comes along a rare and unique collection that is a little bit special. At this moment in time, that label would appear to be the exciting french collection from Fred Sabatier!  The selection of styles suits all ages and sizes, making this a very flexible collection.

Israeli Designer

Ronen Chen is one of Israel's leading fashion designers of women's clothing. His clothes have clean lines but with a twist. Structured but not restricting. His designs are sophisticated and interesting but not trying to hard.

Icelandic Designers

ELM - The unifying quality of the line is its strong, sophisticated character of architectural shapes and rich fabrics, inspired by Icelandic landscape and culture. The three women behind ELM create clothing from Japanese taffeta and microfiber, Spanish linen, and Peruvian pima cotton in feminine styles that complement
all body shapes and sizes.

Philip Treacy for Alexander McQueen